Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Vintage Mysteries

I will read these mysteries for the Vintage Mystery Bingo Reading Challenge 2014. The challenge is to read 6 or more Vintage Mysteries. All novels must have been originally written before 1960 and be from the mystery category.

1. Color in the Title: Blues for the Prince – Bart Spicer, 1950. My review is here.
2. Published under more than one title:  The Rubber Band aka To Kill Again – Rex Stout, 1936. My review is here.
3. Spooky title: Death Comes to Perigord – John Ferguson, 1931. My review is here.
4, An Author You’ve Read Before: The Golden Spiders – Rex Stout, 1953. My review is here.
5. With a Detective Team: The Case of the Calendar Girl – Erle Stanley Gardner, 1958. My review is here.
6. Animal in the Title: The Beast Must Die – Nicholas, Blake, 1938. My review is here.

May 9, 2014 - that's a bingo - all first row.

7. Set outside UK or US: Engaged to Murder – M. V. Heberden, 1940. My review is here.
8. Number in the title: The Three Couriers – Compton Mackenzie. My review is here.
9. Made into a Movie/TV Episode: The Case of the  Buried Clock- Erle Stanley Gardner, 1942.My review is here.
10. Courtroom, lawyer, judge: According to the Evidence – Henry Cecil, 1954. My review is here.
11. Time, day, month in title: Rose’s Last Summer - Margaret Millar, 1952. My review is here.
12. Place in the title: The Man on the Boulevard – Georges Simenon, 1953. My review is here.
13. A crime other than murder: A Touch of Death – Charles Williams, 1954. My review is here.
14. Food or Cooks: 
15. Amateur detective: The Survivors - Georges Simenon. My review is here.
16. Someone else has already read for the challenge: A Sad Song Singing - Thomas E. Dewey. My review is here.
17. Translated Work: Maigret and the Reluctant Witnesses - Georges Simenon, 1959. My review is here.
18. Size in the title: Too Many Cousins - Douglas Browne, 1953. My review is here.
19. Locked Room mystery: The Case of the Crooked Candle - Erle Stanley Gardner, 1944. My review is here.
20. Author you’ve never read before: The Devil's Disciple - Hamao Shiro. My review is here
21. Man in the title: Bullets for the Bridegroom – David Dodge, 1948. My review is here.
22. A Professional detective: Murder Charge – Wade Miller, 1950. My review is here.
23. Short story collection: Pulp Fictions – editor, Peter Haining. Collection by Barnes and Noble Books, 1997. My review is here.
24; Medical mystery: The Case of the Fugitive Nurse - Erle Stanley Gardner, 1954. My review is here.
25. Academic mystery: A Question of Proof - Nicholas Blake. My review is here.
26. Method of murder in the title:
27. Country house murder:  The Hanging Captain – Henry Wade, 1933. My review is here.
28. Involves water:
29. Set in England:
30. pseudonym: Death before Bedtime – Gore Vidal writing as Edgar Box, 1953. My review is here.
31. Set in the entertainment world: The Case of the Restless Redhead - Erle Stanley Gardner, 1954. My review is here.
32; Woman in the title: The Case of the Hesitant Hostess – Erle Stanley Gardner, 1953. My review is here.
33:: Mode of transportation: The Passenger from Scotland Yard – H.E. Wood, 1888. My review is here.
34. Outside your comfort zone: The Sailcloth Shroud - Charles Williams, 1960. My review is here.
35: Have to borrow:
36. Set in the US:Playback - Raymond Chandler, 1958. My review is here.


  1. Welcome to the Vintage Bingo Challenge! Glad to have you playing along with us.

  2. Congratulations on the Bingo! And thanks so much for joining in. I've enjoyed taking a peek at the variety of books your read--I haven't had a lot of time for commenting this year, but I do look.