Monday, November 10, 2014

Nonfiction RC #14

I read this book for the Nonfiction Reading Challenge 2014.

Dream Lucky – Roxane Orgill, 2008

This popular history covers 1936 to 1938 in the United States, with a special emphasis on the path to stardom of Count Basie’s swing band. Orgill, an award-winning writer on music, also writes interestingly of Glenn Miller; Benny Goodman and his scene-stealing drummer Gene Krupa, Chick Webb and Ella Fitzgerald in addition to crucial phenomenon such as big band remote radio programs and battles of the bands. About Billie Holiday, she tells an unreal story about a Detroit promoter that insisted she wear dark make-up so white patrons would not fret and fear a white woman was singing with a colored band. Other celebs are given capsule profiles: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, Joe Louis, but for me, the most interesting parts were about swing music, the popular music of that bygone day.

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