Friday, June 13, 2014

Mount TBR #10

I read this book for the Mount TBR reading challenge 2014.

Night Ferry to Death -- Patrica Moyes, 1985

This was the 17th of 19 mysteries starring  Scotland Yard Inspector Henry Tibbett and his unflappable wife Emmy. At only about 180 pages, the story moves quickly and ends with a surprise. Moyes’ fluently written books are about as cozy as I can handle.  A ferry from the Netherlands to the UK serves as the equivalent of a locked room. Also cozy: the crimes are bloodless, the plots only mildly contrived, and by the 1980s Agatha Christie-type writers had dumped stereotyping. Red herrings get dragged across the trail and Henry gathers all the suspects together in a room. Henry and Emmy make an interesting couple, both good-natured and nice in that gentle English way we like to see in whodunnits. Stable marriage, killer caught, order restored, bourgeois proprieties observed -- what more could we ask? 

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