Sunday, April 10, 2016

Ivanhoe, Kathryn's book

I was thinking the other day of a bank examiner my wife and I knew when we lived in Latvia (1994-97). From Louisiana, she was a caution, the life of the party.

Ivanhoe was her book,the book for whatever reason a reader will return to again and again. She re-read it through once a year. At other times, she would read a chapter here and there.

Always easy to influence when it comes to reading suggestions, I was curious as to what would be the attractions of Ivanhoe, I read it, though I knew Scott was one wordy guy and was writing for people who liked long drawn out novels.

I did feel it was too long, but some scenes have incredible power.

Burned, so to speak, in my memory is that scene where poor Isaac is being threatened with torture by that thug Front-de-Boeuf. "Art thou in thy senses, Israelite?" said the Norman, sternly—"has thy flesh and blood a charm against heated iron and scalding oil?"

One time she called us when we were all back Statesside. I called my wife to the phone, yelling, "And if you think yer goin' out honky tonkin' with that Kathryn, you've got another think comin.'"

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